It Only Takes One Day

One of the unfortunate things about some shelters is their need to euthanize some of the pets under their care, simply because they aren’t being adopted and the shelter lacks the volunteers or resources to keep them all. Now, some communities and foster programs help alleviate this, but it can still add up to 10,000 adoptable cats and dogs losing their lives in shelters…every single day in the U.S. That one day can make all the difference of whether a pet is able to find a new home and life or not. Which is why the No Kill Advocacy Center is setting out to change that dynamic.

Every year, for just one day, a growing number of shelters commit to not euthanize a single animal for the whole of June 11th. Participating shelters can reach out to their communities and encourage higher rates of adoption in an effort to save as many lives as possible. In fact, in 2014 alone, the organization and this holiday saved 13,000 lives–and you can help do the same this year.

The biggest thing is, as ever, to spread the word about this effort. Do you know any shelters in your area? Have they made the pledge online to be part of a no kill nation for just one day? Encourage them to do so if not! Of course there are many other ways to get involved as well. You can donate to the Center, write a letter to the editor, Like the Facebook page and share it, or even adopt a pet yourself before the 11th rolls around. Oh, and don’t support companies that refuse this pledge, even for just a day.

However you do it, know you are playing a vital role in a growing movement that is sure to transform the fates of millions of dogs and cats across the country. And what could be better than that?

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