It’s National Pet Week!

We oh-so-love to point out special times throughout each month and the whole year where pet owners (or those who just enjoy animal companionship) can make a little extra effort to care for their pets. Well, this is National Pet Week, so what better opportunity to remind ourselves of the many ways our pets bring love and joy into our lives, and how we can return that affection?

Of course, Variety Pet Foods does focus on dogs and cats as far as the treats and food products we supply to pet-friendly families all across the country. However, we recognize there are many other critters, both four-legged, furry, and otherwise, that are just as beloved, be they birds, reptiles, horses, or more. So what are things you can do or activities you can participate in to bring focus to your pets during this week?

For starters, we always like to remind folks of the safety and health measures they should consider for their pets. This can include regular checkups at a veterinary specialists, keeping their shots current, identifying symptoms of various ailments that might affect a pet’s health, and keeping their chip and pet registration up to date to better their chances of being returned home should they ever get lost.

Also, spaying or neutering your pet is another vital step, as it can contribute to fighting the sadly rampant dog and cat overpopulation in both this country and across the world. Be sure to check up on seasonal safety tips, such as how to fight potential overheating during summer while providing a warm, safe haven during the harsh winter months–and how to pet-proof your home for their wellness all year long.

Keep current on pet laws in your area, as well as potential safety hazards posed by everything from large predators (cougars, bears, coyotes, etc.) to tiny ones (ticks!). And if you’re planning to take your pet on a trip, check our blog for a rundown of tips to keep both your pet and yourselves comfortable and able to enjoy the experience.

So use this weekend as a time to check up that you’re doing everything in your power to give your pets the highest quality of life possible–and then get out and spend a bit of extra quality time with them! You can bet they’ll appreciate it.

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