It's Professional Pet Sitters Week!

How many of you have had pet sitters at one time or another? Pretty invaluable aren’t they? Sometimes people with pets, be they dogs or cats, feel a little tied down, unable to even go out of town for an evening without worrying about the pets they’d leave behind. And even if you have friends or family in the area, it’s not always guaranteed they’ll be able to watch your pets either. Pet sitters to the rescue!logo

Pet sitters should definitely be honored for the hard work they do for their communities and all the incredible pets we have at home. For that very reason, Pet Sitters International founded Professional Pet Sitters Week in 1995–and it’s being held this first week of March, 2015.

This week is dedicated to pet sitters across the country and across the world who keep a watchful eye on animals of all sorts, feed them while their owners are away or unable to care for them for one reason or another, and keep them healthy, active, and cared for. The week is also a great chance to educate people about how they can go about establishing a pet-sitting career.

But one thing we wanted to point out was a few things to consider when choosing the right pet sitter for your four-legged family members.

First off, do look up a professional sitter or organization in your area and ask for references. While it’s great to bring in a friend for the job, recognize that pro pet sitters are trained to handle many different situations (or possible emergencies) than someone just doing it as a favor.

Second, be sure to bring the pet sitter in for an “interview” and to meet your pet(s) before you head out of town. It’s good to ensure there’s a friendly connection between them and that you approve of the sitter’s attitude and methods of caring for your pets.

Third, inform the pet sitter thoroughly about your pet’s needs, including eating and sleeping habits, favorite toys and areas of the house, potential medical needs, and anything else you can think of. This will help them be prepared for all eventualities until you can return home and reunite with your beloved pet.

Have you ever used a pet sitter before? How did they handle spending time with your dog or cat? Would you recommend them to your friends (why or why not)?


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