Join the Fight to Stop Puppy Mills

At Variety Pet Foods, we’re firm believers in supporting pet shelters and adoption programs. Sadly, we know all too well that so long as there are pet stores, there will be puppy mills working to fill them–and keeping puppies and momma dogs in inhumane conditions, sometimes for their entire lives.

The Humane Society has made this first week of May the official Stop Puppy Mills activism and awareness focus (though, of course, the issue needs support all year round. But during this time, it’s their hope and ours that more people learn about this problem and actually get out to make a difference–and a long-term one. This can be done in many ways. First, you can simply pledge your support to not by puppies from stores that aren’t puppy-friendly. Some stories across the country have chosen to not supply puppies from breeders who don’t respect proper laws or abide by higher-quality living conditions for their dogs.

Then, you can spread the word. Did you know about Stop Puppy Mills week? If not, your friends and family might not have either. Post on Facebook or other social media, or tell your story about how you got your own beloved family pet.

You can also donate directly to the Humane Society so they can fund rescue missions and give more puppies a happier life.

How will you take action?

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