Keep your dog safe around Christmas ornaments!

Hello humans and pups. This is Simon, checking in with another Public Service Announcement regarding the upcoming Christmas holiday. It is a marvelous season for warmth and cheer, but there are also hidden (and not-so-hidden) dangers that could affect the joy and health of you and your pups. I am speaking, of course, about Christmas  decorations.

Did you know that the many Christmas decorations and ornaments on the tree and around your house can be harmful to dogs if caution is not taken? It is true! Which is why I wanted to provide some helpful tips on how to avoid ** so you can enjoy the whole of the Christmas without any visits to the vet.

  • Use plastic ties and hooks to hang ornaments and decorations. This way, if your pup does still snag one to munch, they won’t get a mouthful of metal along with it.
  • Scan the floor daily for any ornaments that may have fallen or been knocked off. Few things are a more tempting toy than a shiny object rolling around the living room.
  • Hang decorations and lights higher up on the tree and around the house, so your pup can’t easily reach them and pull them down.
  • For those with more rambunctious pups, consider even hanging your tree from the ceiling, using strong fishing line and a ceiling hook. This will keep the tree and ornaments well out of reach, plus stop the tree from getting knocked over by accident–and you still get to enjoy your decorations all season long.

There you have it, humans. Many ways to make the Christmas holiday safe and sound for everyone involved. Do you have any stories of your dogs getting into trouble during past holidays? What did they do? How did you deal with them?

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