Keep your pup warm during winter fun!

Last post, we talked about several winter activities that humans and pups can enjoy together. However, one must still take the chilly weather into consideration. Wouldn’t do to get out in the snow and not be able to have fun because you’re unprepared for low temperatures and other health hazards winter can cause.

How can pups stay warm and cozy while still enjoying plunges into snowdrifts and rides down the nearest sledding hill? Take a look at these following helpful tips:

  • Keep an eye on those paws! – Puppy paws may be made of tough stuff, but they can get worn down or frozen. The salt sometimes used to melt ice on roads and sidewalks can cause cracks and irritation, especially if it gets wedged between the pads. Make sure to take the time to check out their paws from time to time.
  • Don’t leave them outside unattended – Even if your pup loves to dash about in the snow, they shouldn’t be left alone. Their fur helps some, but it’s hardly a foolproof solution against freezing temperatures.
  • Keep that fur long and luxurious – Don’t shave your dog during winters months. This will remove a lot of the natural warmth they rely on. At the same time, make sure they receive regular grooming, as clumping hair can disrupt the insulation effect.
  • Consider some winter accessories –¬†¬†Does your dog not like walking on ice? Dog booties might be a good option! For those dogs that love being outdoors, heated dog beds or shelters can help them stay out in winter weather longer. And for smaller dogs or those with shorter hair, puppy sweaters and jackets can keep away the shivers.

When you take the time and effort to prep your pup for winter, it’s so much more enjoyable for for the both of you.

Have you and your pup(s) had any winter adventures? We’d love to hear them. What do they enjoy most about the snow?

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