Did you know these oddball cat facts?

While we love our feline friends, it is known by many that cats can be…well…a bit odd at times. They have their occasional “freak-out” sprints around the house for no apparent reason. They can be purring as you pet them one second and then be sinking their claws and fangs into your hand the next. And they can be super-finicky about their food or alterations in their schedule or environment. But that’s why many of us adore cats. They have such unique and distinct personalities that we’re fascinated by what they might do next. However, there are some fascinating facts about cats beyond these other strange habits or activities that you may not be aware of!

For instance, if you’ve ever tried to drink salt water, you know that not only does it have a particularly nasty taste, but it can also rapidly dehydrate us humans. Cats, however, have such super-effective kidneys that they are able to actually filter out the salt and could drink ocean or sea water in order to remain hydrated.

Many cat owners who have outdoors (or part-time outdoors) cats often bemoan when their pet brings home a dead bird, mouse, or other captured prey. We know cats are hunters by nature, but did you know that they’re actually considered to be among the top 100 invasive species in the world? Both domestic and wild cats have contributed to the extinction of over 33 species of birds, mammals, and reptiles. They’re far more effective hunters than you might’ve guessed.

The pattern of bumps, wrinkles, and ridges on your cat’s nose is utterly unique to it and essentially can act as its “fingerprint,” identifying it from any other cat in the world. Also, cats don’t have sweat glands like humans do. Instead, they sweat through their paws (rather than cooling off primarily by panting, like dogs do). This sweat also has a unique scent to it, marking anywhere the cat walks or claws as its territory.

Did you know any of these odd facts about cats? What are some that we didn’t include here that you find particularly fascinating?

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