Make Sure Your Pet is Chipped

One of the worst things that can happen to a pet is for them to get lost. We’ve all known that puppy that keeps trying to wriggle out under the fence. Or the cat that keeps trying to slip out the front door every time it’s opened. Having a pet chipped is one highly effective way to increase the likelihood of bringing them back safe and sound.

But it also gives you great peace of mind, is a quick and practically painless procedure, and cheap. Plus, almost all veterinarians have the training an equipment to do this procedure, so you’ll have no problem finding one to take care of it for you.

Chips used to be known to occasionally migrate, so they couldn’t be detected by the scanner. However, current chips have anti-migrating properties which keeps them in place at all times. If you’ve an older pet who got chipped a while back, it may be a good idea to go in and have their chip checked, just to make sure it remains in place.

Some people simply choose to rely on a collar and tag, but realize this could get lost too or otherwise damaged (or worn down) enough to not be readable. So even if someone finds your pet, they won’t know where to return it. Lastly, a chip can prove the pet has an owner. Sadly, many animals that get lost and wind up in shelters face being euthanized. But a chip can let the shelter operators return them swiftly to your home–plus keep a stranger from just walking in and claiming your beloved pet.

So what’re you waiting for? You have nothing to lose in getting your pets chipped (especially the pets themselves).

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