National Pet ID Week – Is your dog's ID up-to-date?

Next week is National Pet ID Week! What’s the big deal about pet IDs, you might ask? The main benefit of pet identification is for their safety should–worst case scenario–they ever get lost and aren’t able to find their way home. As many of you have likely experienced, it’s a terrible feeling to realize that you’ve somehow become separated from your beloved dog–whether they slipped out of the yard or dashed after a squirrel while off-leash, only to take too many twists and turns in the chase.

If your dog ever does get lost, how can you give them the best chance of being returned safe and sound? Through their ID, of course! A proper ID not only provides the dog’s name, but can also give your phone number (or even your home address) so anyone who retrieves the pup knows who to contact right away. So, what kind of identification can you give your dog? There are quite a few ways, it turns out:

  • Dog tag – This is the most common form, to be sure. That plastic or metal clip on your dog’s collar, printed with all the vital info necessary. Some newer versions of this are actually electronic dog tags, that have an small screen that can be programmed to display whatever you want.
  • Microchips – This is a more permanent option, where a tiny chip is inserted between your dog’s shoulder blades. The chip can then be scanned at a shelter or vet, giving them your owner registration information and ways to contact you.
  • Tattoos – This isn’t a fashion statement! There are numerous programs, including the National Humane Society, that encourage this practice, where the dog is given a simple tattoo code on a part of their body, so they can be easily ID’ed when found.
  • DNA Swabs – A vet can take a DNA sample from your dog and enter it in a national registry. That way, should your dog be found wandering, another swab will bring up its unique file. This is one of the more costly procedures at this time.
  • Nose Prints – Like fingerprints on humans,  a dog’s nose print is unique. It can be inked and entered into a virtual database for future comparison. Let their nose guide them home!

Does your dog have proper ID in place in case it gets separated from the family? We always want to see lost dogs make it back to their loving home. Celebrate National Pet ID Week by making sure their registration is up-to-date…and maybe buy them a shiny new dog tag for them to proudly display at the park!

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