Never forget the worth of good volunteers!

What would we do without the many volunteers in our society? In practically every industry and every level of society, volunteers keep helpful organizations running, help those in need, and save lives. The same is absolutely true with our pets, especially when it comes to adoption agencies and pet shelters. These organizations are essential to things like trying to manage dog and cat populations, bringing lost pets home, or helping dogs and cats finding a forever home in the first place! We always love to point out people who gift their time and energy to helping our furry family members, and we figured since April 23-29 is National Volunteer Week, what better time?

What can you do to participate in this celebration of volunteers? The most obvious one is to consider becoming a volunteer yourself! Many pet community groups are always looking for new volunteers in order to spread some of the workload around and lighten the labor for everyone as a whole. Call up your local pet shelter or adoption agencies and see what needs they might have and what qualifications they look for in potential volunteers.

Another thing is to donate resources, such as supplies or direct funds, to volunteer organizations, which often tend to be short on such things. Even if you don’t become a full-time volunteer, some associations have special events where community members can join them for a day to help out with one-time projects, like renovating a pet shelter or helping with an adoption drive.

As always, with these kind of week-long events, it’s the perfect time to spread the word to your friends and family about the volunteers who help pets and pet owners. Maybe you’ll be surprised to discover some of them are already involved in volunteer organizations! But the more awareness of pet volunteers within a community, the better chance there is of people coming together to support them!

Oh, and you can go to the National Volunteer Week website to nominate volunteers you know for special awards and recognition. It’s always wonderful to be thanked for hard work that’s put into oftentimes thankless jobs.

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