New Year's resolutions for dogs (and dog owners) – What are yours?

Dearies! It’s the most wonderful time of the year (is there a song about that? It sounds familiar). Anyways, in case you didn’t know, I absolutely adore Christmas and New Years. It’s when the whole world seems to be aglow with glitz and glam, when there’s a party practically every night, and everyone is full of laughter and song. I’d almost like it to be this way year-round, but perhaps that would get a teensy bit exhausting after a while.

Well, the New Year is upon us, which means the usual tradition of coming up with resolutions for living better in 2012. Everyone seems to have a long list, but the question always is how long they’ll stick to it. You humans might be surprised how similar a pup’s resolutions can be to yours. Let’s take a look at a few doggy resolutions and how they translate:

  • I will not bark at everyone who walks by on the sidewalk!

Translation: I will try to make more friends.

  • I will play fetch for at least an hour a day!

Translation: I will get in better shape.

  • I will bask in warm sunlight and appreciate every treat my human gives me.

Translation: I will take more joy in the simple things of life.

  • I will cuddle with my human more

Translation: I will spend more time with those I love.

What about you? What resolutions have you made for 2012? Have your pups got a list they’d like to share?

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