We all have families, most of us share our lives with animals, but we all share in a common belief that these beautiful creatures are more than pets, they are family members.

Variety Pet Foods

started by answering a couple of simple questions: How would we feel if we ate the same meal every single day? As family members, don’t our pets deserve to enjoy their meal as much as we enjoyed our own? Thus the backbone of Variety Pet Foods was formed; we aim to help other Pet Lovers like us…

We broke it down to basics: Taste, Variety, Nutrition, & Joy. Our goal is simple, incorporate these staples of any human meal (which we often take for granted), and offer these same benefits to our furry friends. We start with Taste knowing full well that if dogs and cats don’t love it, we don’t want to make it. But just making a great tasting food isn’t enough… we need to develop multiple delicious recipes so they enjoy a Variety of meals throughout the week, just like the rest of the family. And we refuse to make any sacrifices regarding Nutrition… all our recipes are Natural, with essential vitamins and minerals, and DO NOT contain Artificial Flavors or Preservatives of any kind. This is non-negotiable. Lastly, we don’t want to make mealtime just a little better, it’s important to provide them with Joy! Everyone will be happier to watch them eat with real enthusiasm. After all, they depend on you, and we know behind every happy, healthy pet is a genuine animal lover.

So there you have it, a food developed for pets, by… well, not pets, but by Animal Lovers just like you. Help us help all the other pets out there eating the same boring thing, meal after meal after meal…
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