Pet Health During Summer Fun & Activities!

Summer is now fully upon us! We’re sure many of you are already enjoying the sunny days, getting out of the house for hiking, biking, swimming, picnics, and so much more. No doubt you’re taking some of your pets along for the fun as well.


Early in the year, spring offers its own set of pet health challenges, such as rising temperatures, allergies, and the like. Summer continues the trend, ramping up certain threats to your pet’s well-being. We want you to be able to enjoy as much summer playtime and romps in the parks with your dog and cat, but there are definitely a few things to keep in mind as the sun burns bright in the sky.

  • Heat – As is often the case, your pup’s body temperature is pretty critical. They don’t shed excess heat like we humans do, so hot days and a lack of shade can be an issue. Keep an eye out for signs of potential heatstroke, such as heavy panting, excessive drooling, bright red gums and tongue, or trouble maintaining balance.
  • Water – Plenty of fresh, cool water is essential for helping your pet stay calm and comfortable. This can either be provided by a water bowl or bottle, or you could also try to coax your pet to take a refreshing swim in a nearby river or pond. Of course, not all pets enjoy dunking themselves, so consider also filling a kiddie pool with water and letting them safely splash around there!
  • Travel – A lot of airlines actually won’t ship pets during the summer because of hot weather dangers. Check your airline’s website or rules and regulations. If you’re taking your pet anywhere in a car, help them stay cool with a few ice packs in their crate, put a sunshade on your window, park in the shade, and never leave your pet in the car alone even for a short period of time. You’d be surprised how quickly they can overheat, even with the windows rolled down.
  • Walks – It’s great to get your pet out for some exercise, but try to avoid doing so during particular times of the day. It is usually the most humid and hot between 1-4 PM, so break out the leash in the morning or evening, when there’s more shade and a potential breeze.

What’s our favorite summertime activity to bring your pets along for? What do you do to care for them when out enjoying the fantastic weather? Have you ever had to take your pet to the vet for health complications during summer?

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