Pet resolutions for the New Year

2017 is fast approaching. We’ve had a lot of…well…mixed experiences with and reactions to 2016, that’s for sure! Lots of big ups and big downs. What a roller-coaster ride, wouldn’t you agree? But now, we have a whole new year coming our way, and we can always be hopeful that it’ll be a better one than the last. Beyond hoping, though, we can also make choices and work toward making our lives just a bit better than they were. That’s why a lot of people create New Year’s Resolutions. However, have you considered making resolutions not just for yourself, but for your pets as well? After all, they deserve to continue enjoying better lives and better health with each passing year–and you can help make that possible. Here are some examples of resolutions you might make for your pet in 2017.

  • Regular Vet Visits – We’ve often looked at different health issues that can affect pets, whether from injury, disease, or otherwise. A lot of pet owners, unfortunately, don’t keep up with regular checkups at the vet, which can go a long way toward catching health hazards in the early stages and give your pet a better chance of making a full, happy recovery from something they’re struggling with. Resolve to visit your vet at least once a year for general checkups, and as soon as you have, make an appointment for the next visit!
  • Better Diet – Humans aren’t the only ones who can struggle with being overweight. Dogs and cats can get plenty of extra pounds on them if you aren’t careful, which can threaten their quality of life. Try resolving to be thoughtful about what (and how much) you’re feeding your pets. Measure out their meals, and talk to your vet about the proper nutrition your pet might need at their particular time in life. (And yes, be sure to check out Variety Pet Food’s selection of healthy meals and treats, created with just this sort of thing in mind.)
  • More Playtime – Playing with your pet isn’t just fun and games–though that’s definitely a big part of it! Helping your pet be more physically active goes a long way toward keeping them healthy and strong, even as they get older. It can be anything from teasing your cat with a tassel or taking your dog to the park. It doesn’t have to be hours on end, but just a few minutes of playtime each day not only has health benefits, but emotional ones as well, as it can let you and your pet bond even more.

What resolutions might you make for your pet for 2017? And do you have any of your own that you’d like to share?

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