Pets and Fire are Not a Good Mix

You may wonder why anyone would need to be told that pets and fire are a bad combo. We all learn from a young to not play with matches, don’t touch a hot stove, and stay back from the fireplace. But animals aren’t necessarily aware of the danger fire poses, and some pet owners don’t think about¬†how an animal might not be able to save itself should a house fire break out. And with the Fourth of July this month, we thought it fitting to look more closely you can keep your furry friends from getting singed…or worse.

Foremost–and this is just good safety in general–never leave an open flame unattended. Don’t leave candles burning when you leave the house, be sure to douse campfires thoroughly, and don’t leave any flammable items or substances sitting around the home.

Keep curious pets back from sources of fire until they are trained well enough to stay away on their own. Using a kennel, baby gate, or other barrier so they can’t even reach the threat in the first place.

All families should have a plan in place in case of a house fire. Obviously we hope that never happens, but it pays to be prepared. Include your pet in the escape plan. Also, put a “pet alert” sticker prominently on a window so firefighters responding to a blaze know an animal is inside. You may also keep your pet in a room or kennel close to a main entrance when you leave them at home so they can’t hide from would-be rescuers in the panic.

And, of course, keep your smoke detector installed and working at all times. Test it once a month to make sure the batteries are still active¬†and it hasn’t malfunctioned. These safety measures will all go a good distance toward making sure your pet stays fireproof!

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