Prepare your pet for Thanksgiving!

We like to circle around to many of the main holidays throughout the year and focus on how they can impact family pets–mainly because many of the ways people celebrate their holidays, from decorations to food to big crowds, can actually be hazardous to animals. That can be anything from a pet chewing on power cords strung from Christmas lights to loud explosions during the 4th of July that might scare them into running away. Thanksgiving is no different. Of course, we want to be thankful for our four-legged family members, and people like to include dogs and cats in their holidays, often by “treating” them to otherwise forbidden snacks. Since Thanksgiving revolves a bit about the big meal, that’s what we wanted to address this year. Obviously you want to avoid letting the dog scarf down a whole turkey, and it’s best to keep the cat from lapping up champagne or whatever alcoholic beverage of choice you indulge in. But how can you safely treat your pet during this Thanksgiving?

What are some safe Thanksgiving foods? Turkey, for one! But you’ll need to remove any skin or bones before your pet chows down, and stick to white meat, as fattier foods can be difficult for pets to digest. Mashed potatoes can also be an excellent option, and are safe on their own. In this instance, though, let your pet sample the mashed potatoes before adding in things like sour cream, onions, butter, or other flavoring ingredients.

Cranberry sauce is definitely on the table for your dog or cat. Again, though, only let them sample small amounts, and stick to cranberry sauce that is low sugar. Lastly, green beans are often piled high on the dinner platter, and are perfectly fine for pets. After all, don’t we make kids finish all their veggies? However, don’t plop down a scoop of that green bean casserole unless you’re sure all the ingredients in it are safe. Hopefully you’ve got your grandma’s recipe book so you can double-check.

And how can we forget? If all else fails, you can always rely on our Homestyle Stews and Original Recipes, including (what else?) Mom’s Turkey dinner!

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