Preparing your pups for emergencies and natural disasters!

Hello, pups. This is Simon, reporting in. There have been many dangerous situations brewing across the country lately. Floods. Heatwaves. Even hurricanes! It is important to keep your family safe in such times, and if your canine companion is part of the family circle, shouldn’t you consider how to protect them as well? (While Simon is able to doggy paddle in high water, he prefers to stay warm and dry when possible!)

Here are some important safety tips and techniques when preparing your pups for emergency situations:

  1. Have emergency dog food and water on hand. (Having few Mixables packets around can make this easy, since the food has a good shelf life and is easy to open and dispense)
  2. Along with the food, have an emergency kit on hand with dog leashes, treats, medical records, a blanket (or favorite chew toy), and other essentials, in case the family has to get on the road all of a sudden.
  3. Make sure your pup has his or her collar on, with emergency contact numbers and ID tags.
  4. Know where your local dog shelters are that provide pup housing and care in emergency situations. This way, you won’t have to scramble to find a place for them to stay at the last minute. (It might also be wise to get in touch with some local family or friends to see if they’ll be willing to take care of your pups for you, in a pinch.)

Have you and your pup(s) ever survived a natural disaster together? Tell us how you did it, and help spread wise ways to keep everyone healthy and safe!

This is Simon, signing out.

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