Protect Your Pup from Craigslist “Dog-Flipping” Scams!

It’s a sad world we live in some days. In the constant pursuit of profit, some hooligans have taken to the tragic scheme of taking missing or stolen dogs and attempting to sell them on craigslist for their personal benefit! Can you imagine such a terrible fate for your beloved dog? After all, we spend so much effort trying to keep our pups by our sides, with phone numbers on their collars or ID chips embedded beneath their skin. We train them to stay close and ensure there are no gaps in the fences for them to slip through.

But now there’s this malicious online trend called “dog flipping” (or just general pet flipping). Criminals specifically target pooches and try to snatch them and then sell them soon after for top dollar, either to unwitting families seeking a new pet or breeders looking for a particular breed. Just recently, in fact, a Colorado woman was distraught when her dog went missing. Then a friend alerted her to look on craigslist, where she found a post attempting to sell off her Border Collie mix, Mumble. Fortunately, the dog was returned thanks to the help of neighbors and local police.


How can you try to protect your pup from this sort of heinous act? Here are a few steps:

  • That microchip we mentioned earlier? If your dog doesn’t have one, we highly recommend it! It’s a painless and quick injection that will allow your dog to be returned safely to you even if they’re found without a collar or tags.
  • Spay or neuter your dog. Why? Because dog-flipping crooks tend to target dogs that have a high breeding value. So if your dog isn’t capable of producing a litter, they may not be considered worth the effort.
  • If, worst case, your dog does go missing, get your community involved in the recovery effort! Don’t just post fliers around town (though is still helpful). Go online, to Facebook, Twitter, and other websites with pictures of your dog and your contact info. You never know who might stumble across it and help reunite you with your beloved pet.

Have you ever had your dog gone missing—or have you had personal experience with this dastardly dog-flipping scheme? How were you able to find your pup again, and what are you doing now to safeguard against it in the future?

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