Purrfect! June is Adopt a Cat Month


Hello cat lovers of all ages! This is a most marvelous of months. Variety Pet Foods has forever been proponents of adoption rather than purchasing pets from stores–partly because of the unfortunate breeding conditions some pet stores allow and because your support of adoption centers and foster programs is critical in helping the ongoing pet overpopulation going on in the country and across the world. That said, we’re pleased to let you know that the whole month of June is Adopt a Cat month!

Now, popular statistics show that cats are actually a smidge more popular and populous than dogs in the U.S. However, this also means the shelters can have greater pressure to care for cats and kittens, leading to more feral cats, less veterinary care, and precious lives being lost. But you can help.

If you’ve been considering getting a pet, a kitten may be a great option. While some cats can be a little more low maintenance than dogs depending on┬átheir breed and personality, this doesn’t mean they’re any less responsibility. They still need to be neutered or spayed, given a microchip, regular vet inspections and shots, plus have their basic nourishment needs met (plus their snuggling and playing needs).

You can also adopt an older cat, though it’s important to see how it gets along with your family or other pets before fully transitioning them into your home. If you adopt, give the cat or kitten time to adapt to the new home and faces surrounding it. Cats can be quite independent and love to explore, so give it space to do so, especially after cat-proofing your home.

Already own a cat or two? Adopting a kitten is a great way to provide your feline companion with a friend of its own. This lets them play more, be more socially active, and simply enjoy a higher quality of life.

How will you celebrate Adopt a Cat month? Spread the word? Support a shelter? Adopt one of your own? Let us know!


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