Are you ready to change a pet’s life?

Today is Change a Pet’s Life Day! That may seem like a tall order at first glance. What could you possibly do that would change a dog or cat’s entire life? It’s actually far easier than you might think, which is the entire point of this pet-centric day. Even small steps can make a huge difference to a pet who currently doesn’t have a home. Today is about helping raise more awareness of pet shelters, adoption agencies, and the shelter and rescue workers who volunteer so much time to helping pets in need. So what can you do?

Spread the word! Letting other people know about today and the plight many pet shelters and adoption programs face, which can run the gamut from a lack of funds to a lack of volunteers to a shortage of vital supplies needed to properly care for the dogs and cats they’re trying to get adopted. Are you aware of the shelters and programs that run in your neighborhood or city? If you find a lost dog or cat, do you know where to take it so it can be safe and sound until returned to its owners or adopted? A little bit of research can go a long way in having (and being able to share) the answers for all those questions and more.

Another big step is to contribute to your local shelter. Now, this could be a direct financial donation, volunteering your time to help out on-site or with rescue operations, or even asking the shelter managers directly what kind of supplies they need and helping gather supplies from any sort of list they provide. Shelters are always looking for more helpers and resources, so never be afraid of your offer being turned down, or for there to be a way for you to contribute.

And to top it all off, you can, of course, adopt a pet! What more of a direct way to change a dog or cat’s life than to give it the loving home it desires? You certainly want to take the time to find the right pet for you and your family (and your living situation), but many adoption shelters and agencies are more than happy to help you look through all the options and discover the perfect pet for you. By adopting, you’ll also free up time and resources those shelters can then use more effectively to help other pets enjoy healthy and happy lives until their forever homes are found.

How will you change a pet’s life today…or this year?

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