Release the hounds for National Dog Day!

Earlier this month we celebrated International Assistance Dog Week! Did you get in on the fun? If not, here’s another chance to put your pups in the spotlight and give them the honor and attention they deserve.

Today is National Dog Day! Founded in 2004, this day is meant to raise awareness and appreciation for everything dogs bring into our lives including their undying patience, boundless joy, endless loyalty, and ability to bring even simple miracles to life. All breeds are invited to join the fun, and the intent is to spread the message that every dog deserves a happy, healthy, and abuse-free life.

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We don’t doubt you want to get involved, as usual, so here are some suggestions:

  • Donate to local shelters – Whether it’s volunteering your time or providing direct funds to the shelter, they’re always able to use a helping hand in caring for the animals they’ve taken in. Contact your nearest pet shelter and ask what they need most, then help organize a donation drive!
  • Adopt a dog! – Have you been thinking about getting a new puppy? Many shelters will be holding adoption drives during this holiday and it’d be a fantastic opportunity to perhaps meet your new family member.
  • Have a Party! – Got friends and family who have dogs too? Invite them all together at the nearest dog park or home with a big yard and take time to romp and play with your pups! It’s always more fun to spend time together.
  • Teach New Tricks! – It doesn’t matter whether your dog is young or old. They’re always able to learn new things and enjoy new experiences. If you don’t want to teach your pup a new trick, maybe take them on a hike you haven’t gone on before or give them a tasty treat or meal they haven’t had the chance to indulge in for a while.

What are your plans for National Dog Day? We’d love to know! If you take any photos of Dog Day celebrations or of your and your pooch in particular, don’t forget to post them on our Facebook page!


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