Rumors about your pets

Our society is rife with rumors–admittedly, mostly about each other. Or there’s plenty of rumors being spread online, through social media, about this celebrity or some weird event that turns out to be totally made up. And yes, now there’s all that public hashing about on “fake news,” whatever your opinion is on that. However, maybe you weren’t aware that we can often spread rumors about pets, ranging from their behavior to treating their health, all of which are just rumors spread over the years. Let’s fact check a few!

First, some people have bought into the rumor that ice can actually be harmful to dogs. That they should never eat it or have any put in their water bowl, partially because it will throw off their ability to regulate their body temperate and cause potential heat exhaustion. Well, I’m sure many of us can know from observation that dogs eating handle ice (and snow) just fine. For some dogs, ice can even be a totally healthy treat they’ll love to crunch down on!

Second, there’s the rumor that poinsettia plants are deadly to cats. That if they eat a single leaf, they’re going to perish unless they receive immediate medical attention. Yes, there are some plants that are toxic to dogs and cats, but poinsettias are actually just irritants. If your cat nibbles on it, it will likely vomit up whatever it ate, simply because it has an upset stomach. But it will be in no danger of dying.

Last, some spread the rumor that it’s dangerous to feed a dog any turkey (like on Thanksgiving). The truth? The turkey meat itself isn’t what’s a possible danger. It’s all the fatty skin, heavy seasoning, and onions or garlic that can be toxic if eaten in large quantities. So if you want to slip Fido a little turkey treat, go ahead. Just make sure the skin is removed and the meat is free of any extra flavoring or edibles.

What pet rumors have you found over the years? Are there ones you want to share or ask questions about?

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