Simon Discovers a New Smell – What’s your favorite part of airports and traveling?

Today marks my 1,000th day of employment at the Denver International Airport. I was given a wonderful new peanut butter treat this morning by my handler before we began sniffing rounds at the security gates. I wolfed the treat down and licked my chops as I added the smell and taste of it to my growing list of sensations I’ve experienced.

It is a very long list.

The first few hours of security detail passed without incident. People of all shapes, sizes, and cultures passed through the scanners. A few patted my head as I inspected them. I was occasionally called over to sniff pieces of luggage, but they all ended up being safe.

Safety is important to me. My job is to help keep human planes safe, and I do it well. Besides, sometimes there are dogs in the luggage compartments of those planes. Dogs must be protected too! That way, there are more of them to be my friends.

I sniff many, many things throughout the day. Gum on the bottom of a shoe. Lotion in bottles. Perfume on clothes. Smells are fascinating. I have a secret goal of smelling everything there is to smell some day.

Then, as my handler and I took a break, I smelled something new! Something that did not belong in the airport. It smelled of dirt and grass and…something else. Something dangerous. Must investigate.

A few tugs on my leash convinced my handler to follow me, and we headed off to discover this new smell. Nose to the floor, I searched for the source of the new smell. It was…an animal. A sneaky animal that went this way, through security and down into the area where the train took passengers to the different terminals. The smell disappeared by one of the doors.

It had taken a train! I had no choice but to follow.

Have you encountered anything strange in airports?

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