Simon – German Shepherd

Age: 42 years old (6 human years)
Sex: Male
Languages: Barkinglesh, Growlish

Hear me speak: [audio:http://www.varietypetfoods.comwp-content/uploads/2011/02/Simon-Profile.mp3|titles=Simon Profile]

About me: Having received the best of training, I am currently employed at Denver International Airport where I help keep flights safe. I have sniffed about 1,534,265 pieces of luggage to date, taken over 1,453 flights and been petted by children at least 278,983 times. Not that I’m counting but…

Activities & Interest: Napping in a sunny spot, Cataloging new smells, Patrolling, Chess, Performing tricks, Watching planes take-off and land, Enjoys the occasional treats received from my human admirers that work in the restaurants and snack bars, Watching Cesar Milan.

Attributes: Dependable, Predictable, Straight-shooter, Maybe takes life a bit too serious, some consider him a bit boring.

Background: Trained as a War Dog, then went on to become a Police Dog working the beat around Denver, retired to work security with TSA and acts as a mentor to all of the new recruits in their Puppy Program.

Human Voice: Sherlock Holmes, Gil Grissom & Nick Stokes (from the crime TV drama CSI)

Inspired by: Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, and Sylvester Stallone.

Music: Easy listening, Classic Rock, the National Anthem and any other patriotic songs.

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