Simon plays airport fetch – What toys do you take on a trip?

Simon reporting for duty! Currently, I am on luggage-sniffing patrol at the Denver International Airport, where it is my duty to help keep everyone safe as they travel all over the country and the world. One evening, we had just finished inspecting a long line of travelers heading through the security scans, when I noticed two human parents sitting with a baby in a carrier by their feet. They looked tired, the woman’s head on the man’s shoulder, while he read a magazine. Then I spotted the baby playing with a colorful ball that rattled when it was shaken.

Suddenly, the ball popped out of the baby’s hands and rolled away! The parents didn’t notice, so I dashed after the ball, eager to retrieve the child’s toy. I found it under some nearby chairs and trotted it back to plop it in the baby carrier. The adult humans were so tired, they didn’t even notice as the baby picked the ball back up, gurgled happily…and then threw it away again!

This happened five more times, and I dashed to all corners of the security area, darting around luggage piles and wriggling under benches where people slept while waiting for delayed flights.

At last, I got smart. Instead of giving the ball back to the child, I took it to the parents and dropped it in the woman’s lap. By this time, it was quite covered in slobber. As fun as it was to play fetch, I had to save my energy in case a real emergency broke out in the airport.

The humans were surprised, but glad to see their child’s toy returned. They gave Simon pettings, and then I had to return to my handler to resume smelling luggage and shoes.

Hopefully they washed the ball off before returning it to their baby.

What’s your favorite game to play while traveling? Do you take balls on trips to play with your dog? Let Simon know!

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