Simon plays soccer in the airport – What sports does your dog play?

One day, while monitoring the security line at Denver International Airport, I spotted a group of teenage girls getting in line. They all wore the same bright green outfits with names and numbers on the back of their shirts. Everyone carried duffel bags, and they all talked excitedly about a soccer tournament they were going to. My ears perked up as two girls brought out a soccer ball and started playing with it in line. This could be trouble!

Just as I thought, one of them kicked the ball too hard and it careened off through the crowd. With a whuff, I bolted after. The ball ricocheted off luggage and legs and walls, bouncing here and there, knocking over small children and suitcases. The more people tried to dodge it, the more they knocked it around and made it harder to catch. It was heading for the stairs down into the terminal train station.

No silly ball was going to get the best of Simon! I vaulted a stack of suitcases just as the ball rolled past. With a pounce, I pinned the ball right before it could spin away again. Then I carefully picked it up in my jaws and trotted back to the team. Instead of giving it back right away, I set the ball down, put a paw on it, and gave the girls my best “behave” stare. Once assured they were suitably abashed, I knocked the ball back their way—and it went straight through all their legs and rolled away again!

As I dashed off to stop the ball all over again, I had a feeling this team might not do so well in the tournament. But at least I got the chance to get some exercise and play my own form of soccer in the airport.

This is Simon, signing off for now.

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