Simon rides the luggage belt – Have you lost anything at an airport?

Simon reporting in! After seeing the human male drop a small black box on the luggage conveyer belt, I made it my mission to recover the item in case it hid something dangerous. So I disobeyed the sign telling humans (and dogs) Do Not Climb on Carousel.

The carousel took me through a small opening covered by rubber flaps and into the luggage-handling rooms beyond. The large room beyond stretched for a great distance, full of metal racks and pipes and ramps. Humans hurried about, carting suitcases and packages everywhere. Whirrs and rumblings filled my ears.

It was all so distracting at first. But I have been trained to focus, even in the most chaotic environments. I fixed back on the tiny black box and resumed crawling for it. Some humans saw me moving and shouted for me to get down.

I grabbed the box in my jaws and held it gingerly, so as to not cause damage to it. It had a fuzzy exterior, which made me want to sneeze. Stifling the urge, I rose to my paws and leaped off the conveyer to the floor. My handler arrived soon after and retrieved me.

We returned to the baggage claim area and found the man who had originally lost the box. He looked distressed as he spoke to airport officials. The woman stood nearby, but looked more confused than worried.

I dropped the black box—which, I admit, was a bit slobbery by this time—and waited to see what it contained. Was it a treat? A toy? Another snake?

The man picked up the box and then turned and went on one knee as he opened it for the woman. Her high-pitched squeal hurt my sensitive ears, but I realized it was a sound of human happiness and not pain. The two hugged each other, and everyone around us appeared pleased. I received many pettings, which pleased me as well.

There are some things I will never understand about humans. For instance, why do they wear shiny rocks on their fingers? Oh well. Simon has done a good job in recovering lost property, and will now go get a treat!

Have you ever lost something in an airport? Hopefully it was not a dog or a human child!

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