Simon rides the luggage carousel – Have you broken any rules at an airport?

If you are not careful, airports can be dangerous places. Crowds. Trolleys. Moving walkways. All constantly bumping and shuffling as humans run to make their flights, while airport staff work hard to keep order.

That is why there are so many warning signs set around. I have read them all and catalogued their various rules, while taking care to obey them. Do Not Touch. Do Not Cross. Do Not Eat. (That last rule is more for me and things found on the floor.)

Today, my handler led me along the luggage carousel, where I sniffed and counted luggage as they unloaded onto the conveyer belt. I had counted 514 pieces so far. Some smelled like sand and camping gear. Must’ve come from a trip to the desert. Others smelled of salt and fish. Beach tourists!

As I snuffled along, I spotted a tall, thin man in a black suit. He had an arm around the waist of a female human, and dug into a jacket pocket while looking around nervously. What was he doing? He acted suspicious. Trying to hide something. Silly humans. You cannot hide things from Simon!

He drew out a small black box and turned as if to present it to the woman. I didn’t know what was in the box, but it must’ve been valuable. Or dangerous. Too small to hide a snake, though. I moved closer to inspect.

However, another human walked by with an enormous suitcase in tow. The big piece of luggage bumped into the man and made him drop the box. It fell onto the conveyer belt. The man shouted and tried to grab it, but it slipped away and disappeared beyond the rubber curtain separating the baggage claim from the luggage bay.

I started to rush after it, but hesitated. A big sign warned: Do Not Climb on Carousel. Could I disobey the rule?

Yes. I had to get the box. Had to make sure it was not dangerous.

I’d long ago learned how to shake myself hard so leashes unclip from my collar. Good trick from police and military service. Using this, I disconnected from my handler and jumped onto the carousel. I laid flat on the belt as it went through the curtain. It brushed over my fur and then…new sights and smells assaulted me! Grease and rubber, gasoline from the trucks that carted the luggage around. Engines revving and people shouting in the distance.

The box lay far ahead, and I started crawling towards it. I will file another report that reveals what is within the box soon. Have you ever lost anything in an airport?

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