Simon Sniffs Out a Stowaway – Do you know a dog that’s taken an airplane ride?

I tugged my handler into the next train in the airport terminal, and we rode until I detected the animal scent on one of the exit doors. Disembarking, we proceeded up an escalator and emerged near the food court.

This way? No. That way! The animal’s smell created a strange pattern on the tile floors. It squirmed every which way, under chairs and past shops where smells of delicious human food wafted out.

At last, the scent veered towards one of the gates. Everyone had already boarded for the flight there—and the source of the smell had joined them!

I hastened down the boarding ramp. Flight attendants were closing the airplane hatch, but ceased when they saw me coming. We entered the plane and human passengers watched curiously as I sniffed along the aisle. A couple rows down, my search came to fruition. A scaly tail tucked out of sight under an empty seat, and a hissing noise started up.

A bull snake! It all made sense now.

As people noticed the snake, some screamed dreadfully and others tried to climb up into the luggage compartments. I lowered my head and growled to warn the snake to not cause any trouble. It raised its head and flicked its tongue at me. Quite the rude chap. I’d wager it didn’t buy a ticket either. A stowaway! Too stingy to pay like everyone else did.

Before it could escape, I pinned it behind the head with one paw. My handler got on his radio to alert other humans about what I’d discovered.

Soon, other humans arrived. They carefully took the bull snake from under my paw, placed it in a plastic box and carried it away. The human passengers looked understandably nervous about being on a plane where there might be more snakes, so I scouted under all the seats. No more snakes. Nothing to fear here.

After the plane took off, I was given another peanut butter treat! It tasted even more delicious this time, as I knew it was for a job well done. I also got many hugs from airport staff and passengers.

Finding the snake made me wonder what other critters do not belong on airplanes. What animals shouldn’t be let through airport security? Have you ever taken a pet on a plane?

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