Simon's Halloween safety tips for dogs – What's your dog's favorite holiday?

Simon reporting in! It is the time of year where many interesting smells and sights abound. Autumn is a wonderful time, not only because of the many colors the leaves change into, but also because you humans bake many marvelous treats for the holidays! You also dress in interesting costumes–and sometimes you dress up us pups too. This does not amuse Simon. Fur is the only thing Simon needs to stay warm and comfortable, even in Fall and Winter.

As we enter the holiday season, Simon wanted to provide a public service announcement about dog health during Halloween. Did you know it can be a rather hazardous holiday for pups? Here is some advice on how to keep your furry family members happy and healthy:

  • Don’t feed your dog(s) any candy! It may seem like a treat, but things like chocolate and the tin foil wrapping can cause quite a bit of damage to our digestive tracts.
  • If you take your dog(s) trick-or-treating, make sure they remain on a leash. Neighborhoods can be crowded, and many strangers will be wandering around. Even if your dog is very well behaved (like Simon!), it is considerate to everyone if they remain under control–especially so they don’t “accidentally”┬árun off with a child’s bag of treats!
  • If you get a costume for your dog, make sure it doesn’t have a mask that covers the snout or makes them unable to see straight.

Keep these tips in mind and you and your dogs will have an excellent time celebrating Halloween this year. Now Simon must get back on patrol duty at DIA. The holidays also have many more travelers coming through Denver, and everything must be kept safe on my watch!

Do you involve your dogs in any holiday celebrations? Have you ever dressed them in costumes for Halloween?

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