Stand and Salute for K9 Veterans Day!

Dogs have long been an integral part of the American military, in many different functions–from acting as guard dogs to sniffing out explosives to scouting out lost and wounded soldiers so they could receive life-saving medical attention. In fact, the official United States K9 Corps was established on March 13, 1942. Since then, they’ve patrolled and fought alongside military police, border patrols, Secret Service agents, airport security, and much more.

While K9 Veterans Day is not an official national holiday (though some individual states have recognized it as such), it has received incredible support from military and non-military alike across the country (and the world). Now it’s your chance to get involved! How? We’re glad you asked.

  • Attend the Main Ceremony – If you are in the area, the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine is going to hold a special ceremony at the War Dog Memorial on campus.
  • Create Local Awareness – Spread the word through social media, local shelter, pet stores, and military organizations who may not be aware of K9 Veterans Day. Post banners or fliers around town so other people can get in on the time of tribute.
  • Hold K9 Memorial Events – If you can’t make it to the Tennessee memorial, then why not hold one right in your home, neighborhood, or community center? Make an event of it and see if you can get some local shelters and military troops involved to really set the tone.
  • Sign Petitions for National Recognition – Many states have petitions in place for their government to recognize K9 Veterans Day as an official holiday.  If you can’t find one already in motion, why not start it yourself and let others know to spread the word and back this marvelous effort?

Have you or anyone you know ever worked with a K9 member of the military? Tell us what they’ve done to keep our country safe!

  1. Aneesh, December 3, 2015:

    You can’t put a price love 🙂 I have 2 cats (am very allergic to dogs or I’d have one too) and they are the loves of my life. Where else can you get that kind of unitndcoional love?Ernie is adorable!

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