The Fourth of July is Back!

Didn’t we have a Fourth of July celebration last year? Remember? With all the explosions and way-too-much barbecue? Weren’t we just talking about how it must seem like the world is ending for our pets? Why did nobody tell us this was going to be a recurring problem?

Okay. Obviously we all know there are certain holidays that are a little less pet-friendly than others, and Independence Day ranks right up at the top. As this day rolls around, every pet owner is going to be (or should be) keenly aware of how negative an experience all the crowds and noise might be for animals. So here are some good reminders of how to keep them safe and sound throughout it all, even if you spend a lot of the day with them enjoying a picnic at the park, out at a pet-friendly beach, or visiting with family.

First, be sure to get them home before dark. If they’re already in a strange place with growing crowds, that may likely get them nervous. Add huge booms and bright lights, and it could really freak them out. Get them home, get them in ¬†safe and secure place (like a kennel). Don’t leave them outdoors, and be sure to secure all entrances so they don’t escape if they do panic.

Second, we’ve talked about getting your pet chipped and making sure their collar tags are updated and registered. Let this be another reminder of the importance of this, just in general. If your pet does somehow run off, start looking for them immediately. Post on craigslist, check with neighbors, and get signs up around the neighborhood. The longer it takes to track them down, the less likely it may be to get them back.

Lastly, be careful with the Fourth of July food and toys! Alcohol is dangerous for animals, and too much greasy food isn’t going to help their digestive systems ¬†either. Plus things like glow sticks, flags on pointy poles, and, of course, sparklers, bottle rockets, and whatnot could severely burn them.

A lot of this may sound like common sense to many pet owners, but others might easily forget during the celebration. So be sure to enjoy the festivities, but keep your four-legged family members in mind as well.

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