The Variety Pack's favorite memories of 2011 – What are yours?

It’s be one sure heckuva year, ain’t it, pups? Big Rascal’s been thinkin’ about all the stuff that’s gone down in 2011, and it sure was a doozy, wasn’t it? ‘Course, the big ol’ important events that occurred for dogs ain’t always the things human think are big ol’ and important. So what’s this dog gonna be rememberin’ when he gets all nostalgic-like?

Ah, the Variety Pack sure has had a ton of adventures last year, and we’ve got plenty more in store for 2012, no doubt.

I’m bettin’ plenty of other pups and humans have great times to talk about. So, how about it?┬áHave any good ol’ memories you’re haulin’ into the new year? How about those times you’d be best off forgettin’? Tell us your tales, and don’t be shy! I sure ain’t.

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