Throw Your Paws Up for National Puppy Day!

March 23rd is the most marvelous of days (okay, that’s up for debate) because it’s National Puppy Day! There’s something so adorable about these wriggly little critters, isn’t there? Not only are they amazingly cute, but they have this infectious energy that gets everyone around them smiling. They’re some of the most trusting creatures on the planet as well, ready to climb into a total stranger’s waiting arms or lap to play or cuddle.

So it’s no surprise that we set aside a special day to thank puppies for bringing such joy and love into our lives. But what are particular ways you can help celebrate National Puppy Day? We thought you’d never ask!

Now, the first thing that springs to mind is the possibility of adopting a puppy. Before you do, though, take the time to truly determine if that’s the best option for you right now. How many pets do you currently have? Do you have the time and energy it takes to care for a puppy properly? Even if you decide you can’t adopt right now, definitely spread the word about the wonders of adoption to your friends and family, and encourage them to get involved with and support local shelters!

What if you already have a puppy in your life? Then take this day to give them a little extra attention. Play with them for an hour or two longer than you usually might. Get them a new squeaky toy or introduce them to a new treat! If they’re old enough, take them to the nearest dog park to help them socialize with other dogs, or take them on a long walk so they can enjoy being out and about–and then will sleep all the better once you get back home.

Another great way to celebrate National Puppy Day is to help out with local shelters or foster care systems. Many of these are overwhelmed by the amount of puppies they have to deal with, and anything from some extra helping hands to new supplies to financial donations can help make their jobs all the easier.

How are you going to enjoy National Puppy Day? However you decide to do it, know that your puppy will love it even more than you do.

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