Tiffany dances at a birthday party – How does your dog entertain others?

Dearies, Tiffany most certainly loves a party, and my human threw one the other night. A glamorous birthday bash for one of her friends. Oh, the room was full of people in striking suits and sparkling dresses. There was even a small area for people to dance while lively music played in the background. They sipped bubbly drinks and snacked on hors d’oeuvres.

Just my sort of scene.

However, halfway through the night, the dance music cut out! Something was wrong with the speakers, and my human got all worked up trying to fix it. Dearies, a party without music is like an angel without wings. Or a dog without a water bowl.

Now, I’ve been taking quite a few canine dancing lessons from my dashing instructor, and I thought it was high time I used what I’d learned to distract people until the music was restored.

So I danced—and a most marvelous dance it was! I pranced and trotted across the floor, swirling and twirling and sashaying my glossy fur. Party-goers circled around me and applauded as I hopped onto my hind legs and did a brief cha-cha.

At last, my human got the music back on. I spun and leaped for a few seconds longer, and then vacated the dance area. Inspired by my performance, the humans started dancing again, enjoying the evening which, thanks to yours truly, turned out to be far more interesting.

And I got a packet of Mixables Greek Banquet all to myself as a thank you.

What about you, dearies? Any pups out there who enjoy entertaining those around you? How do you do it?

Ta’ for now!

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