Tiffany Foils a Robbery – Do you know any canine heroes?

I trotted my hot little self along Broadway, dodging feet wearing the latest Prada, Manolo Blahnik, and Versace fashions (Dearies, it so unfair that dogs cannot wear heels!). As I guided my human along, we paused before the window display of one of our favorite jewelry stores and gazed longingly at the expensive pieces inside.

Then I peeked past the glamorous display and saw a man skulking through the crowded shop. My hackles rose, and a most improper growl escaped me. I could sense he was up to no good, dearies.

He kept his body turned as he snatched a gold bracelet and tucked it into a pocket.

Oh…no…he…didn’t! The fiend!

But nobody noticed except for me. After glancing around, the dastardly villain sidled towards the door to escape.

As he exited, I darted over and blocked his path with all the ferocity I could muster from my perfectly petite self. My human tried to pull me away, but I held my ground, snarling and snapping. It made enough of a scene that the shopkeeper came over to see what the trouble was.

The nasty man tried to slip past again, but I made one last lunge and snagged his pocket with my teeth. I dipped a paw in and dragged the bracelet out. Gasps rose from the shopkeeper and my human. The robber said a mean word and kicked at me, but I dodged and nipped his ankle out of principle. A lady must defend her honor, wouldn’t you agree?.

The man dashed off as the shopkeeper went to call the police. Fortunately, my owner kept me from running off after the would-be-thief. The shopkeeper returned with a treat for me, and then put the bracelet around my neck and let my owner take a few pictures with her phone. Oh, dearies, it looked positively ravishing!

Sadly, they did take it back. I had the fleeting desire to dash off while still wearing it, but I don’t suppose it would be proper for me to foil a robbery, only to give in to the same temptation. Would it? Ah, c’est la vie.

Any other fashion-conscious dogs out there? Where do you love to shop? Does your human ever dress you up?

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