Tiffany in a Halloween parade – Have a fun and safe Halloween with your dogs!

Dearies! Tiffany here. Ooh…I’m having such a difficult time containing myself, waiting to hear what pups won the Variety Pack costume photo contest! I feel like I might just burst!

I know. Let’s distract ourselves just a bit until the announcement goes out–which should be very soon!

Did you know that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays? You might not have guessed, dearies, but when a fashionable pup such as yours truly has the chance to dress up in the frilliest getup my human can buy, you can be I won’t pass up that chance. Plus, what pup wouldn’t enjoy a holiday about handing out treats?

Out here in New York City, we not only have one of the world’s biggest Halloween parades for humans, but also one of the biggest for dogs: The Nation’s Largest Dog Halloween Parade! This year, I got to be part of it, and, oh my, was it a dazzling spectacle!

It was such a razzle-dazzle of amazing costumes and pups showing off their Halloween flair. Just peek at a few of the incredible costumes humans and their pups attended with:


Want to see more? Of course you do! Just go here for the full parade gallery and gawk at the incredible, funny, weird, and fashionable costumes!

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