Tiffany takes a dancing lesson – What special talent does your dog have?

Dearies! I almost trembled with excitement as I waited for my first dancing lesson to begin. I’d arrived early for the lesson and now waited for my instructor. I had booked this (using my human’s credit card, when she wasn’t looking) as a private lesson—because, let’s face it. Tiffany doesn’t enjoy sharing the stage with many others. I need my space to flaunt!

At last, the instructor arrived. He was a handsome devil, this one. Be still my pattering heart! Tanned and with frosted gray hair, he looked a lot like the Dog Whisperer that stole my heart with his fabulous television show.

After shaking my paw—and giving it a little kiss—he explained how the class works. Dog dancing is a bit different from human dancing, of course. It’s called “canine freestyle.” The lead dancer (the human) performs a choreographed routine with the pup, who prances and spins and hops around and under their legs.

My instructor started the music, and we spent the next hour practicing several moves, including one where I’d weave between his legs with every step he took. By the end, I was panting and trembling from exhaustion, but…oh, dearies, it was the most wonderful time.

I scheduled another class and then trotted home where I flopped onto my leopard print dog bed and fell asleep right away, dreaming of doing the foxtrot and tango with Cesar Millan.

I cannot wait to continue discovering my dancing diva-ness. Any pups out there have a special talent they want to show off?

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