Tiffany tries her paws at dancing – Does your dog have any artistic talents?

You humans have an absolutely fabulous show, dearies. So You Think You Can Dance. Marvelous! I watch every episode from my human’s lap while she gives my fur the fifty daily brushstrokes it requires to stay silky and glistening.

Don’t judge, dearies. Staying this pretty is almost a full-time job.

But back to the show, which got me thinking. All the dancers prancing and gliding about. Such grace! Such style! And if anyone knows grace and style, it’s Tiffany, wouldn’t you agree? I decided quickly that dancing was perfect for me. My destiny with fame, you might say.

As with fashion, surely there was room for a dog to make her mark in the ballroom. But where to start? I’ll admit to an embarrassing first try at prancing about the living room all by my lonesome. My teensy paws got tangled in the carpet tassels, and I almost tumbled out an open window and onto the fire escape. The pigeons on the window sill got a good laugh at that, but I frightened them off with a ferocious yip, just to remind them who was in charge.

There had to be a better way. Time for a little research. The Internet will submit to the bundle of determination that is Tiffany!

Aha! Dearies, did you know there are dance classes designed just for dogs? Mais ouis! C’est parfait. They offer freestyle and competitive instruction, and promise even those with four left paws will learn how to unleash their inner dancing diva.

When my human went to answer her phone, I snagged her credit card from her purse and signed myself right up for the class. It started next week!

This is just the beginning, dearies. You’ll be seeing me flaunt it on the dance floor with the best, no doubt! What about you? How do you express your inner (and outer) beauty?

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