Tiffany's favorite pups of the Silver Screen – What is your dog famous for?

Dearies, Tiffany here again! After dancing at my human’s party, I began to wonder what other pups have dazzled audiences with their performances. Turns out there are countless dogs that have taken part (or starred) in movies and television shows. Nowadays there are plenty of films with talking animals all dazzled up by CGI…but I prefer going back to some of the classics. Here are a few of my favorites!

  • Blair – The first dog to ever star in a movie! The 1905 UK film was “Rescued by Rover” where a family dog saves a kidnapped baby.
  • Rin Tin Tin – The first official US dog star. Rin Tin Tin was rescued and trained by a WWI pilot, and went on to perform in 25 movies (he signed contracts with his paws).
  • Lassie – He may be the most famous dog across the world! Lassie was first introduced in a 1938 short story and 1940 novel by Eric Knight, and then made live appearances for years afterwards in the TV series and movies.
  • Benji – Another pup famed for starring in films from 1974 and several decades onward. Benji is known for being smart, nimble, and willing to help others out of trouble.

Recognize any of those dazzling and daring dogs? Do you have any favorites not mentioned here?

For you pups out there, how do you perform to entertain those around you? What are you famous for?

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