Tiffany's top dog-friendly spas – Have you pampered your pup lately?

Dearies, no matter how hard you try to stay clean and glossy, sooner or later, there’s only so much your tongue or a hairbrush can do. And when that time comes, I prefer to be pampered from nose to tail at a local dog spa.
There’s something superbly relaxing about visiting a local grooming center where you know they are dedicated to pampering pups of all shapes and sizes. Not to rag on my human at all, but sometimes she does tug the occasional snarl a bit too hard.

Dog spas often are combined with doggy daycares, and other services that make life easier (and cleaner!) for pups and their humans. Since I trot the Boardwalk out in New York City, there are countless spas that I’ve frequented throughout Manhattan. Far too many to count!

In the times I’ve gone west to visit the rest of the Variety Pack, I’ve had a chance to sniff out some favorites from the Denver area

  • BARK! – A doggy daycare, hotel, and spa. Overnight stays available, and a variety of dog service packages.
  • Heavenly Dog – This is actually a do-it-yourself dog wash and spa boutique. Have your human give you a lovely scrub-down, and be sure to shake well afterwards!
  • Dog Savvy – A one-stop spot for pups, with doggy fashion, spa products, and more!
  • For the Love of Dog – Everything from bathing and brushing to puppy massage packages. That sounds divine, doesn’t it?

Have you ever taken your pup to a spa or other grooming facility? Did they come back with pink bows in their fur? Did they enjoy the experience?

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