Time to Celebrate National Mutt Day!

It used to be that “mutt” was considered something of an insult. For decades, if not centuries, people prized purebred dogs, singling out and paying top dollar for those pups with a long list of certified parentage and prize-winning rearing. They wanted purebred dogs for hunting, for sports, for home living, or simply for the notoriety of it. Mutts often went by the wayside, considered of “lesser” value. Fortunately, that attitude is changing in more recent years and people are starting to recognize that mutts are just as worthy of our recognition and love as any other pup.

To celebrate this fact, join us for National Mutt Day on July 31st! This holiday helps raise awareness of the plight of mutts across the country that are ignored, left without a home or family just because they’re of a mixed breed. The goal of this year’s National Mutt Day is to get at least 10,000 mutts adopted nationwide. Are you ready to join in the effort?

A few advantages of mixed breed dogs include mutts generally being better behaved, healthier, and longer lived than purebreds while able to be as skilled and trainable as any other dog. Unfortunately, many mutts are euthanized because of over-breeding, puppy mills, and other poor pet-raising practices that contribute to animal overpopulation. If more mutts are adopted from shelters rather than being passed over for pricey purebreds, that would alleviate much of the stress animal shelters and volunteers experience in caring for them.

A big part of National Mutt Day is simply making people aware of the inherent value mutts hold and how much adopting one can mean–both to the dog in question as well as the family they join. Contact your local shelter and see if they’re participating in National Mutt Day, help spread the word to your local community, or even adopt a mutt yourself and discover the love and joy they can bring into your life.

Do you own a mutt? What’s the experience been like? How can you support your local shelters or adoption programs that have many mutts up for adoption?

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