Time to celebrate! October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month

Every effort to help more pets get adopted means more families finding the joy of caring for their new dog (or cat, of course). While we love animals of all shapes and sizes, this month gets a special focus: shelter dog adoption! Shelter dogs need particular care because unless they’re at a no-kill shelter, their whole life could be on the line if they don’t find a new family in time. So consider this a month-long rescue operation!


October is adopt a shelter dog month

Now we know everyone wants to get in on the effort, right? Obviously, the biggest and best thing you can do is as the theme say–find a dog and adopt them from your local shelter. But there are other things that can make a big difference too.

First, spay or neuter your pets if you haven’t already. Many shelters struggle so much because there are overpopulation pet issues in most cities and towns across the country. Don’t let your dog be a contributor.

Second, ID your dog, either with a properly licensed collar, an implanted chip, or both. This can also help cut down shelter demand because if your dog escapes, it can be brought directly back to you.

Third, support your local shelter by volunteering time or funds so they can purchase necessary supplies. If you don’t know what they need most, just call them up or drop by. They’ll be so thankful you cared.

And fourth, of course, spread the word! Hop on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or even just start calling friends and family and let them know what the month is all about. Maybe put together a Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog party or coordinate an adoption event with local rescue and foster groups.

See? There’s so much you can do. Every dog counts!

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