Time to Respect Your Cat…

Because it’s Respect Your Cat Day!

We know what you’re thinking. “Our cats already pretty much own the house. They go where they want, demand food, demand being petted only when they want it, and invade our private space whenever they wish. How much more respect can we give?” Totally understandable, as cats have a reputation for being aloof, mischievous, incomprehensible at times, and entirely spastic at other times.

But when you look past their seemingly erratic behavior, you can realize there’s a reason so many of us welcome these little furballs into our homes and into our hearts.

So, how does one respect a cat, exactly? First off, it doesn’t mean catering to their every whim. Just like with dogs, cats can become overly spoiled, and you can set unhealthy precedents by feeding them or giving them treats whenever they meow for them.

  • Respect Their Health – Cats have health need like any other pet, and you should take care to ensure they’re being well-fed (but not overfed!), are getting the proper vet checkups each year, keep their shots up to date, and also keep your home safe, free from hazards or toxins that might impair their ability to enjoy life.
  • Respect Their Playful Attitudes – Cats have a reputation for being lazy, but they definitely have their playful sides! Be sure to have a number of cat toys on hand for them to play with, as this lets them get a lot of energy out of their systems when they really need it. Playing with your cat may not seem as easy as playing with, say, a dog, but once you find out what sort of games they respond to (some even play fetch), you can feel more involved in their fun time.
  • Respect Their Uniqueness – It’s easy to mentally lump cats into a single mold, thinking of them all as just minor variants of the same basic creature. Sure, they may share some similar qualities, but each cat is as unique as each human. They have different personalities, different needs, different tastes, and different ways they express themselves. Take the time to really observe and interact with your cat(s) to get a better understanding of their unique nature–and then see if this helps you connect with them all the more.

Have you taken the time to respect your cat lately? Or have you been letting their odd behaviors keep you from really enjoying all the love and comfort they bring in your life? Maybe it’s time to reconsider your perspective on these feline friends and family members.

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