Today is National Dog Biscuit Day!

What dog doesn’t love biscuits? Many times, the instant your dog hears you opening a package of biscuits or taking off the lid to the biscuit bin, they’re right at your feet, tail wagging, smiling up at you in anticipation. Dog biscuits are often a big part of training pets, giving them positive reinforcement for good behaviors, and they are a great way to treat your pet to show them a little extra affection throughout the week. The fun thing is, today is National Dog Biscuit Day! In honor of this, we’d love to show off a few of the Baked Biscuits we’ve developed at Variety Pet Foods, which dogs around the country have come to love.

As our name suggests, we enjoy providing a wide array of dog treats and biscuits. No two dogs have the same tastes when it comes to food or biscuits, and so we’ve created delicious recipes and assortment packs for you to let your pup sample. Here are just a few examples.

Grandma’s Biscuits

Ground Oats, Peanut Butter, Sunflower Hearts, Cane Molasses, Vanilla Extract & Rosemary.

Grandma…the fondest memories are always happy ones. Her home was always safe, warm and glowing with all the love. She had a special knack of making food taste so much better. Grandma’s Biscuits carry her name so it’s got to be our best…and it is. Serve some to your pet today!

Homestyle Buffet – Assorted Recipes

An assortment of Mom’s Biscuits, Grandma’s Biscuits & Sunday Morning Biscuits.

Serve your canine friend a variety of mouth watering, healthy treats with Homestyle Buffet Assorted Recipes™. Whether he/she likes Peanut Butter, Bacon or Chicken along with the other great ingredients, you will enjoy watching them devouring these “crafted with pride” baked biscuits. They’ll Love You For It!

Sunday Morning
Whole Wheat, Ground Oats, Hickory Smoked Bacon, Cheese, Cranberries & Garlic.

Take yourself back in time to that most peaceful day of the week… sharing great meals with family and friends. That was the inspiration for the Sunday Morning Bacon & Cheese. Your dog will taste the oven baked goodness of Whole Grain Oats, flavorful Smoked Bacon, Cheese and Cranberries in every biscuit. They’ll be beggin for more!

Biscuit Feeding Guide:

Although these biscuits are made with quality ingredients and do provide nutritional supplement, they are intended to be served as a treat or reward, not as a food replacement. Once the package is opened, reseal before storing to maintain freshness and to avoid contamination. Always supply access to clean, fresh water and schedule regular visits with your veterinarian.

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