Today is National Pet Travel Safety Day!

Traveling with your pets can happen practically any time of the year, admittedly. However, there tends to be a surge of it happening during winter as people travel heavily to see friends and family for the many holidays. On the flipside, summer vacation months are another annual bump period as people take advantage of the warm weather. So some of the hottest and coldest times of the year are when we’re more apt to take our pets on the road or flying! We know you’re always wanting to ensure your pet’s best health, which is why we’re happy to celebrate National Pet Travel Safety Day!

pet safety day_thumb[3]So while the emphasis is clear, how does one celebrate National Pet Travel Safety Day? Let’s focus on one of the simplest ways you tend to travel with your pet: in the car. Flying with your pet is a whole other matter we’ll talk more about later.

One of the biggest threats to a traveling pet’s health in the car is simply being unsecured. There are plenty of reasons why you might feel it’s relatively safe to do so. Maybe you keep your pet in the very back, where they can’t accidentally jump up front and disturb your driving. Or it’s just a short drive to the vet or the park, one you’ve taken many times before without any problems.

The reality is, any time your pet is unsecured in your car is dangerous to them–and you! Even though you may be the safest driver in the world, you can’t always rely on other people being the same. Accidents can happen even when you’re looking out for them, and if your pet isn’t secure the impact could injure them.

Pets are also prone to jumping out of open windows if not secured. Plus if they aren’t kept in one place, they could try and jump in your lap, increasing your risk of a crash.

So while the risk is obvious, what are the best ways to protect against it?

  1. A Seat Harness – Think of this as a seat belt for your pet. If they’re large enough, you can easily find many different pet seat harness models that will fit your vehicle make and model. They then can enjoy relative freedom and comfort without being able to range too far to be a danger. If you have a big pet, certain seat hammocks are designed to take up half or whole portions of the back seat, keeping them contained while not too cramped.
  2. A Kennel – Many drivers, especially for longer trips, will find a way to fit a kennel into the car–so long as other passengers and luggage don’t take up too much room. Having a kennel in the trunk of your SUV not only gives your pet a safer area to stay, but you can also place comfy towels and favorite toys in it to keep them from being too antsy during the trip.
  3. Have a Passenger Hold Them – Depending on your pet’s size, it might be easiest and most cost-effective to have them sit in a passenger’s lap or on the seat beside them. They can then either hold onto their leash, collar, or hug them close. This can give the pet a better sense of comfort without having to make any major modifications to your car. Obviously, you don’t want a child trying to hold a Great Dane, so be sure to consider the relative size and strength involved.

So there you go! Do you have other ideas, tips, or techniques you use to keep your pet secure and safe in the car? Remember, it’s not just for their sake, but for yours as well.


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