Unexpected friendships – When dogs bond with other animals

Hello, all! Gruffy here, wanting to get rid of a nasty rumor that exists about us pups. I don’t about you, but I often find it funny that humans make such a big deal about the imaginary battle between dogs and cats. It’s simply not true! Oh, maybe we have a little fun with each other every now and then, wrestling and pouncing on one another–but the reality is that dogs are friends with every sort of animal there is. That’s one of the big reasons we aren’t often allowed into zoos…we’d spend so much time making new friends we’d never get to every exhibit before the zoo closed.

Oh, but I guess you’d like some proof, hm? Here’s an extreme example then that should get rid of all doubts:

Now, if a dog and a tiger can be best pals, then don’t you think all those smaller kitties around the world would find us just as friendly?

Has your dog ever made friends with cats, birds, or any other critter that might seem like an odd pair? Do you have any photos or videos of them having fun together? Let ol’ Gruffy take a peek!

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