Universities introduce "Puppy Sessons" to help over-stressed students during exams

Isn’t it wonderful when we discover more ways our connection with animals can be healthy for the mind and soul? Now we’ve all been there sometime or another, facing an upcoming exam and wanting nothing but to run and hide and sleep for days. Exam time is just stressful, even if you’re good at taking tests.

Well now a couple organizations have taken a look around and realized that if pets could be brought in for quality cuddle time at retirement homes and hospitals, why not at school?

On the one side, there’s University of British Columbia (UBC) has a new Paws for Health program run by its Wellness Center. With their help, all during exam dates, students can sign up for 10 minute sessions of quality time with Jasmine, the “Pawfessional De-Stresser.”

On the other hand, Simon Frazer University (SFU) has Health and Counseling Services that is now partnered with the Pacific Assistance Dog Society (PADS) to bring in puppies that are service dogs in training to provide much-needed emotional support for exam-stressed students.

More and more, we’re seeing how vital animals are to finding a higher quality of living. It also serves as a reminder that, just as they give so much for us, we can always be finding ways to give back to our pet community–like by supporting your local shelter, adopting rescue animals, caring for their safety, and keeping them healthy and well-loved right back.

Wouldn’t you agree?

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