Valentine's Day goes to the dogs – How will you express your love?

Only a week left until Valentine’s Day! Such a wonderful holiday you humans get to celebrate, with chocolates and flowers, the romantic dinners, the cuddling…

Now, if any creature was ever made for cuddling, it’s dogs, wouldn’t you agree? And, after all, your pups bring a lot of love into your life, don’t they? So why not include them in Valentine’s Day 2012. Traditional gifts may not be the best things (most fine dining restaurants don’t allow dogs to sit next to you, for instance) but there are still plenty of ways you can get the message across.

How can you show your pups some love on this year’s Valentine’s Day?

  • Get your pup looking good! – Pamper your pup with a grooming session, and then surprise them afterwards with a colorful new collar. Then trot them around the park so they can show off just how adorable they are.
  • Edible cards – Would you believe someone has created Valentine’s Day cards your dog can munch? Send a sweet message…and then let them devour it!
  • Treats – Hand a few extra treats to your wonderful dog, maybe a new chew bone, and they’ll know you love them ever so much! You could even bust out a pack of Mixables to make their dinner extra special and delicious.
  • Quality time – Pups love spending time with their humans, snuggling up at the end of the day to just relax and enjoy being near each other. Find a cozy spot around the house you can both enjoy and settle in to read, watch a movie, or whatever else strikes your fancy. Just so long as petting is involved.

Who are you going to celebrate Valentine’s Day with? How? We’d love to hear!

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