Variety Pet Foods donates Mixables to Every Creature Counts

So, here’s what Big Rascal figures–we pups are all in this life together, ain’t we? We gotta band together to keep our tails waggin’ high and our humans pettin’ us for as long as possible. But some pups ain’t got it so grand, the way Life tosses their tennis balls over fences or into nettle bushes. But for those of us who have warm homes and good food, we gotta learn to share and send a little lovin’ their way.

That’s why Variety Pet Foods, the sponsors of this here Variety Pack (led by yours truly) recently did a right ol’ wonderful thing. They donated over 4,500 pouches of Mixables to Every Creature Counts.

Every Creature Counts is made up of kind human souls that don’t want to see a single spot of fur on any four-legged bodies come to harm. That’s why they rescue a wide variety of critters from shelters (where they’re schedule for¬†euthanasia!), puppy mills, or any other nasty situation, and help get ’em healthy and adopted instead! They did this for almost 3,000 animals last year alone! Talk about wag-worthy.

Now, if Big Rascal had himself 4,500 Mixables, well, he might think himself in doggy heaven. For Every Creature Counts, this donation goes towards supportin’ the many animals they care for until they find tender lovin’ homes. Plus, it lets them spend more on medical supplies and other necessities, since they don’t gotta worry about food as much for a while.

But they could always use more support!

Check out Every Creature Counts for more information on all the good they bring into the world. There’s a volunteer program as well for anyone who might wanna get involved, plus upcoming adoption events for you humans who might be lookin’ for that new furry member of the family.

Join Variety Pet Foods and the Variety Pack in helpin’ ’em spread a bit of joy and comfort throughout the animal kingdom.

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